I wanted to take a minute and thank my Twitter friends who not only make me a better online marketer, but also have been a major influence, creating a strong community within my interests. 

Social Media when used correctly can be an incredible source of making this world a better place. Sure, Facebook is cool, LinkedIn is great, but in my opinion Twitter has been the biggest source of some of the greatest. most influential and inspiring people I have ever met.

Without Social Media, I don’t think I would have ever found these great people and  it says a lot about the power of Social Media, when used correctly, can pull people with common goals and interests together, from all over this planet of ours.

I know that there are more to come and I am also afraid that I am going to leave some people out, (but I will come back to this post and add you), but here is a #Shoutout to all the people I have met on Twitter that have positively helped not only in a professional manner, but also in so many other ways as well… and to you, I cannot express enough how much I thank you.

You made this list because you have proven to me that you are a true friend, whether we have ever met in person or not, you are always there to inspire, share and be a part of what I am most interested and passionate about.. social media, search engine and online marketing.

@ShellieBlum Lake Wales, Florida: You are absolutely, without question one of  the most inspiring people I have ever met and a genuine friend. Your determination and dedication not only to your dreams, but your family as well are truly admiral. I hope all your dreams come! Get that book published!!

@tzarulnicolai Bucharest Romania: Dude, you amaze me, you are everywhere sharing positive things with everyone. XeeMee.com is a great way not only share all your Social Media links and interests, but also a great way to keep track of them all!!

@SavvyCard Tarpon Springs, Florida:  Lisa Nalewak, your mobile innovations for mobile business cards is absurd. I have never seen anything like it and I will continue to promote your companies services and products to the end. 

@Gerrit_Bes Arendonk: Met you through your site at Scoop.it only because you are always sharing my stuff!! Thank you so much for spreading the word on what I am so passionate about.

@MartinGysler Switzerland: Martin, you were actually one of my first followers on Twitter and you continue to always be a part of my daily routine to check out. Thank you so much for all you have shared. 

@tuknov United States & Russia: Mikhail Tuknov, I can always depend on you!! 🙂 You are also a great source of information on Internet marketing.  You are, whether you know it or not, one of my biggest resources for awesome tweets.

@SavvyBabii Central Florida: Angie, you are awesome. So many positive thoughts and inspiration posts… I read your tweets daily. Thanks for all you do!

@Wrix2 TexasI don’t think in the last year you have missed mentioning me in a #FF tweet!! Thanks so much for keeping me in mind and sharing my topics with your followers.

@florin_muresan Cluj-Napoca, Romania: So cool that from almost on the other side of the globe we can connect and help each other share what we are so passionate about. So glad to be your long distant friend!

I can’t possibly mention everyone here who has ever retweeted or tweeted me, but the list above are solid, everyday tweeters and I wanted to share how much I appreciate you.

Thanks again to all of you!!